Are Security Tags worth the Trouble?

We’ve all seen and probably heard security tags go off in a shop, and whilst they’re certainly useful, are they too much hassle? How many times do members of staff forget to take the tag off, and are people stealing so much that we have to have these tags on every single item?

There’s nothing worse than getting home to put on your new item of clothing to find you can’t because the security tag is still on it, and it didn’t even go off in the shop to warn you. This is certainly a problem that many stores have to deal with, and it would be easier for customers and members of staff to not have t deal with security tags and place them on every item.

Then again it can be a case of taking way security tags and making it easier for thieves. Every business will make their own decisions on this debate, but the current trends show that security tags are too important to throw away, considering what they’re capable of; deterring and stopping thieves.