Choosing The Best Shade Solutions For Your Shop- Awnings And Canopies


It is safe to say that proper shading is a very important aspect of life. Business people, in particular, need to provide clients with a nice and cool environment if they wish to keep them coming back. No one wants to get baked in the day’s sun as they buy their goods. It is for this reason window that accessories such as canopies, blinds, awnings and shades are so important. Awnings and canopies for shops are particularly important if the business involves outside services. This means that everyone from florists and restaurant owners benefit from these two window accessories. Below is a description of the difference between the two and how to pick the perfect one for your business.

Awnings Vs Canopies; What Is The Difference?

Awnings and canopies have a lot of similarities and confusing either for the other is not entirely unheard of. However, there are certain distinct differences between these two shade solutions. Below are two of the most important differences that should help you make the decision about which one you need for your shop. 

1. Installation

Awnings are installed as permanent fixtures above the window. This makes them perfect for restaurant and coffee shop outdoor sections. They also generally come in handy as shade solution for any other kind of shop where the window accessory’s stability is more important than mobility. Canopies, on the other hand, are stand-alone portable structures. This allows disassembly and setting up whenever and wherever it is most convenient. They are usually used in flower shops, small gardens and mobile libraries. The best part is that you get to pick where to set it up meaning that that unlike awnings, canopies give you the luxury of mobility.

2. Extent of shading

Awnings provide shade on both sides of the window. This means that the shading effects will also be felt by people inside your shop. The extent of shading with canopies, on the other hand, depends on where they are set up. However, the design does not allow the shadow to extend at an angle. This means that even when set up right next to the window, the effect indoors will not be that significant.

How To Pick The Perfect Canopies Or Awnings

With the two key differences in mind, picking awnings and canopies for shops should be a lot easier. Below are a few other important factors to consider while shopping for the shade solutions.

  • Fabric- Everything from the texture to the colour and pattern is important to look out. The texture and strength will determine its resilience against harsh sunlight, wind, snow and rain water. The stronger the fabric is the more likely it is to last long.
  • Size- this depends on how much space you want to be covered. With awnings, the size is usually determined by your window or wall’s dimensions. With canopies on the hand, you are not really limited in terms of size.
  • Cost- On average, a good awning piece costs around £56.00. The prices vary with material quality and size.