Designing a Shop Around a Theme

One of the most important things about a shop is the feeling it gives off. Good or bad, the feeling associated with a shop will have a big impact on its inhabitants, especially over the lengthy time periods customers spend in it.

The best way to tackle this feeling directly within design, is to look at the theme of the shop. Considering the theme will have a big impact, not just on what the shop looks like, but the way you go about decorating and designing it.

One way to begin is to ask, ‘What is the theme of this shop?’

It may be a question you haven’t considered before, but taking the time to think about what the theme is currently will assist you in making further design choices.

Hopefully when you consider the theme it will be a positive one. Some themes you might come across could be; Warm, traditional, colourful, bright, airy. With these concepts in mind you will be able to build upon and expand them, generating ideas for improving your shop.