Feng Shui Front Doors

Feng shui places a heavy emphasis on the front door. It is where the house gets its intake of energy, both good and bad. A ‘good’ front door means good energy coming into the home. This can be thought of in the same way as a person who eats healthily, puts good food into their body.

This also has a greater effect on the occupants of the house, as they will be able to a happily enjoy a comfortable home that’s full of positive energy.

Practiaclly speaking, the front door frames your first sight as you leave and enter the house. Like a first impression, it impacts the mentality, mood, and attitude on how you start the day and how you feel when you get home, both positively and negatively.

The material you choose for a front door also effects the energy it filters. Make sure that the door is aesthetically appealing and makes you feel safe.