Hiring Staff For A New Shop

Hiring staff usually falls into two categories. Either you have no trouble at all, you are a great judge of character and you know what is needed for your new shop. Or, as it’s your first shop, perhaps your fist time even hiring staff at all, then it is more difficult. This post is aimed at category two, for those who can’t instantly tell what they need from a person and if they can provide it.

To start off it is important to know exactly what the role you are hiring for requires. Knowing what is required of the staff member precisely will help you to discern the right staff member for that job. It will also go a long way in helping the new staff member figure out what is needed from him or her.

Another important thing to identify early on is if the role is part-time or full-time. There will be a significant difference in applicants depending on the amount of hours the job is, so its important to be up front with these details.