Household Tips For Cleaning Glass Shower Screens

Shower screens often become dirty after a shower has been used a fair amount, and require cleaning by hand to get rid of the grime. There are a few tricks you can use to help cleaning the screens easier, here’s some of the best.

White vinegar in an old spray bottle works as a good anti-greaser. Use it as you would a normal cleaning product with gentle scrub then rinse. It will leave glass clear and mark free. This process tends to smells while you’re doing it so be sure to ventilate the room, but it fades once rinsed.

One trick to keep glass clean after every shower is to use a window scraper each time the shower is used, it only takes several seconds and prevents dirt from ever building up.

Glass cleaning wipes work well as the final clean, they are a bit tougher which helps to get the soap scum and limescale off, they are fairly dry to use so the glass won’t need to be rinsed afterwards.