Security Roller Shutters For Shops

A commonly used security solution, roller shutters are often used as a first line physical defence against potential security hazards.

Security roller shutters are available for doors, windows and other points of entry, including large commercial security entrances. Here large rated roller doors are essential as personal security is paramount, especially on sites such as an isolated farm or warehouse building.

Roller shutters are made to measure for a bespoke fit to the specific building. Aluminium security shutters are offered in various curtain slat sizes depending on the level of security required and size of the roller shutter. Aluminium shutters have a far higher quality of finish compared to standard steel, and combined with aluminium guides, hood and other components also offer a long life span and resistance to corrosion, with any parts easily replaced.

Perforated or punched slat sections are often used on shutters. These allow vision and light through the shutter when closed, a common specification for retail outlet security shutters.