Selling Video Games, The Rise of Digital Download

With the greatly increasing popularity of streaming websites and their ever easiness of use. Watching movies has become as easy as switching channels.

So what does this have to do with video games?

Video games are following suit. Streaming and digital downloads are becoming the main ways in which games are obtained. Following the way of television and movies in the way they are sold, video games are also becoming more like television and movies inĀ the way they are made.

We already see episodic games being sold as well as seasonal downloadable add-on packs. These distribution methods impact the games themselvesĀ as they are created with this sales method in mind and developers have to build a game around it as that is how the game is to be sold.

It seems that large, complete games are fading out, in favour of episodic games that have more re-sale value.