Why are clothes mannequins so important?

You don’t have to wander far down your local high street to see mannequins in the window wearing designer outfits, but why is it so important for fashion stores to present their clothes in such a way, on  plastic dummies?

Well, the main reason is that people shop in different ways, and some customers will be happy to see a jumper on a hanger, whilst others will want to see how it fits and how high it comes up, before they decide if it’s right for them. You may ask but can’t they try the clothes on if they’re fussy? Well yes they can, however, with a mannequin, you’re able to quickly see how it looks and make a decision fast. This is also a way for a shop to push a particular item, because if the majority of clothes are on hangers, but you want to drive sales, you have to make it stand out from the rest, and adding the item of clothing to a mannequin is an effective way of doing this.