Why Every Store should have In-Queue Merchandising

We’ve all been there and done it; impulse buying. There you are standing n the queue waiting to [ay for your item, and you’re presented with merchandising racks with smaller items, perhaps items which are on offer, and you then pick it up and add it to your purchase.

In-queue merchandising can help boost sales for businesses, and because customers have little time to think about their purchase, it means they have less time to put the item back, finding themselves at the till paying for the item.

In-queue merchandising can have a real effect on customers, especially if the items are low priced extras, such as socks or hair accessories (in a fashion store). It’s a clever tactic by many stores, and it’s important to choose the items wisely. For example an individual is unlike to impulse buy an expensive laptop in the queue, but they may be likely to purchase a pair of gloves.